eHealth Wound Diagnostic Services


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Our eHealth Wound Service allows those clinicians and clients living in rural and/or remote areas throughout Australia to have the same ready access to our expert wound care consulting service. Instead of the normal face-to-face clinical consultation, we instead use a combination of the very latest communication technologies.

Using any combination of the above methods allows effective wound assessment and a holistic management plan to be developed within the comfort of your own home/facility. This convenient, technology-based approach ensures prompt and effective wound services and reduces the overall cost and personal inconvenience of travel and appointment time. In fact in a recent cost and time comparison undertaken by Lighthouse Health Group indicates that with the appropriate expert advice and support and choice of dressing product, healing time for wounds such as pressure ulcers can be reduced by as much as 70% and cost reduced by 50%.

If you wish to access Lighthouse Health Group’s eHealth services firstly please read and sign our Privacy Policy below, read and accept the Fees and Charges/Consent form below and forward both documents to us along with a completed Wound Assessment Form. Our Tissue Viability Nurse will be in contact with you within 24 hours to discuss your individual requirements.

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