General Rehabilitation Case Management

Most private commercial case managers tend to only make themselves available to those clients who are covered by either private health insurance or hold a valid CTP insurance or worker’s compensation claim. Lighthouse Health Group recognises that not everyone in need of case management support falls under these types of claims, but we can still help.

Given that Lighthouse Health Group already has an expert team of Case Managers working with catastrophic injury clients throughout Australia, it seemed appropriate that we also use our considerable skill-base to extended our case management role to include general rehabilitation for acute injuries and aged care.
Acute Injuries

We provide specialist case management services to a range of organisations – from small companies to multi-national corporations – who require local support to manage the acute phase of a serious illness or injury sustained by an overseas employee (or expatriat) in the course of their work. Since a large segment of our acute injury work is commissioned by the shipping industry, we have assembled a specialist Case Management Team comprised only of emergency department and intensive care unit trained Registered Nurses. Apart from their clinical skill, this specialist team of nurses are highly-experienced in navigating the Australian healthcare system.

Lighthouse Health Group will liaise with the treating team – from acute admission through to discharge to facilitate a timely repatriation. We keep employers up-to-date throughout this patient journey by providing progress reports to all relevant stakeholders and if required, assist in arranging medical repatriation to the employee’s country of origin. By streamlining this hospitalisation process, we can save the employer organisation considerable amounts of angst and effort, whilst at the same time, improving the clinical outcome for the injured worker.

Our services are delivered in a flexible manner and are tailored to meet each individual company’s local and international policies, procedures, guidelines and/or statutory requirements.

All our case managers are available 24 hours-a-day for emergency support

Aged Care

Lighthouse Health Group introduced aged care into its case management portfolio to offer assistance to those young professional families who may have acquired the sudden responsibility for co-ordinating personal care and/or identifying alternative accommodation or transitional care placement for an elderly relative.

We recognise that in today’s busy world, many young families have demanding work and study commitments, as well as the responsibility of raising and supporting a young family of their own. When faced with this unfortunate situation most of us would probably think that we would, or could, help. However, some families live interstate or overseas which makes it almost impossible for them to help – or if they can, what would they do in an emergency situation and in an effective and timely manner.

Navigating our complex and ever changing healthcare system can be stressful, and locating the right services even more frustrating. Because time is precious our experienced Case Managers are ready to help you care for your relative.

Our Case Managers can assist you by providing short or long-term assistance to identify and co-ordinate:

  • Appropriate support services for your relative in their own local area
  • Alternative accommodation or transitional care placement when your relative’s living circumstances change
  • Transitional care following an acute illness or a fall in collaboration with their local doctor