Life Care Planning Services

Living with a disability has been shown to have enormous life-long costs for personal care, medical treatment and rehabilitation needs. The Life Care Plan is a comprehensive planning document that has been widely-used throughout the United States since the early 1980’s to assist the legal profession and insurance providers to more accurately estimate the lifetime cost of care for a person living with a disability.

The Life Care Plan (LCP) is more than just another medico-legal report because it can also be used as a dynamic case management tool as well as assist financial advisors to determine the most appropriate investment strategies that need to be put into place after a claim settles – therefore truly offering the client a “whole of life plan”.

One of the essential elements to constructing an accurate LCP is for the life care planner to be intimately familiar with the needs of the client for whom the plan is being prepared. It is easy for most competent allied health professionals to construct a generic list of expenses (and many of our competitors claim that they are able to offer this service), but it requires extensive experience and additional specialist training in order to accurately plan for the life-long needs of an injured person – particulary if this information needs to be defended in Court.

Lighthouse Health Group is the only healthcare consultancy operating in Australia to employ an Internationally Certified Nurse Life Care Planner and is committed to on-going professional development in this highly-specialised area of medico-legal rehabilitation practice.

Each of our LCPs are systematically researched and peer reviewed to ensure that the individual’s unique circumstances are fully-understood and accounted for.

Key areas that are addressed in an LCP include: medical, psychological, therapeutic and social intervention needs; orthotic and prosthetic equipment; transportation; personal and domestic care; physical environment and residential issues; educational and vocational needs; medical supplies; and potential complications.

In summary, a LCP brings together in the one document, information and costs that would traditionally have been found in numerous expert reports. Our life care planners are qualified to liaise with other healthcare professionals to assist in identifying any items and/or services that may have been overlooked and will ensure that duplicate costs are eliminated.

The best way to fully understand the benefits that a LCP can offer you and your client’s case is to be shown a range of ‘active’ plans. Please contact our Director – Medico Legal & Rehabilitation Services and she will be happy to arrange an ‘obligation-free’ orientation session with you.