Lindy Williams B.Sc

Rehabilitation Consultant / Occupational Therapist

Wee FIM assessor. Lindy has 23 years experience working with children.


B.App.Sc (Occupational Therapy)
Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy
– Sydney University
Registered Occupational Therapist with AHPRA


  • Paediatrics
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Medico Legal Reporting
  • Splinting and hand therapy
  • Seating and wheelchair prescription
  • Case Management
  • Home Modifications
  • Accredited FIM Assessor


Lindy commenced her career in adult spinal injury before fulfilling her ambition to work with children.  Lindy worked in community paediatrics on the mid north coast, before moving to Sydney to get married.  Lindy spent the next few years thoroughly enjoying working in the School Aged Program at The Spastic Centre of NSW (now known as the Cerebral Palsy Alliance or CPA).  Lindy also had the opportunity of working in the Adult Program at the CPA, which provided the unique experience of working with clients with CP from babies through to those aging with CP.  This has proven to be invaluable experience, and quite rare, as many therapist specialise in either paediatrics or adult rehabilitation.

A restructure at CPA saw Lindy move on to work on the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program at The Childrens Hospital at Westmead (CHW).  This provided the opportunity to broaden her neurological experience and  build on her experience with CP.  Whilst at CHW, as part of a large team of OT’s, Lindy was able to gain experience with other skill areas such as paediatric spinal injury, physical disability, orthopaedics, limb deficiency, spina bifida and hand therapy.

After leaving CHW Lindy returned to complete several locum positions in the main OT department including hand therapy, neurology and connective tissue dysplasia clinics.  After CHW Lindy decided to put her extensive experience into private rehabilitation and medico-legal report writing.  Lindy built on her skills in case management as well as maintaining clinical skills.  Since working in private rehabilitation Lindy has worked equally with paediatric and adult clients predominantly with neurological issues such as brain and spinal injury. It was very important to lindy to maintain strong clinical skills and remain a ‘working, treating hands-on therapist’ when presenting herself as an expert for medico-legal report writing.

Currently Lindy works as a case manager, clinical therapist, peer supervisor and supervisor of under graduate students where possible.

Lindy has also maintained skills in general paediatrics through a small private practice.  This includes significant experience in handwriting assessment, connective tissue dysplasia’s, ADHD and general developmental delay.

Lindy is a strong advocate for students with disabilities.  She serves on the executive of the NSW Independent Schools Parent Council as the students with disabilities representative advocating for improvements to funding to support students with all types of disabilities.


  • Member – NSW Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Registered OT in Australia
  • Co-author of ‘Paediatric brain injury Care and Needs Scale’ (PCANS) Click here to review this article
  • Past Member PADP Advisory Committee