Medico Legal Reporting

Lighthouse Health Group has direct access to a large range of highly-qualified nurses and allied health professionals who are all experienced and readily available to comprehensively assess clients and report on their current and future treatment and rehabilitation needs.

In addition to the ability of our consultants to produce high-quality and comprehensive medico-legal reports, each of our consultants continue to actively case manage people with disabilities in both the hospital and community setting and use an ‘evidence-based’ and ‘best practice’ approach to support all their treatment recommendations.

We specialise in the following seven areas of general rehabilitation:

  1. Paediatrics
  2. Spinal Cord Injury
  3. Traumatic Brain Injury
  4. Cerebral Palsy
  5. Congenital Disorders
  6. Trauma and Multiple Orthopaedic Injury
  7. Wounds and Burns

We currently work with leading law firms in Australia and North America, as well as most major insurance providers. We have developed extensive networks of professional contacts with commercial equipment suppliers and the medical and allied health professions throughout Australia.

We are recognised by many organisations as their ‘preferred provider’ and conduct all our medico-legal assignments in accordance with the Insurance Council of Australia’s ‘Code of Practice’ and ‘Information Privacy’ principles.

Based on our close involvement with leading law firms, insurance providers and financial planners, we have identified the need for the production of comprehensive Personal Care, Equipment and Services Reports to accurately identify and provide true costs for nursing care requirements and specialised medical equipment.

Each of our Personal Care, Equipment and Services Reports address the following care issues:

  • Disposable Medical Equipment
  • Current and Future Nursing Care Requirements
  • Gratuitous Care
  • Occupational Health and Safety Issues
  • Pharmacological Supplies
  • Sexuality and Fertility Issues
  • Associated Medical Complications
  • Safety Concerns
  • Nutrition
  • Pain Management
  • School Reintegration and Educational Support
  • Current and Future Bowel Management
  • Current and Future Bladder Management
  • Skin Management

At Lighthouse Health Group we strongly believe that the most qualified healthcare professionals to make personal care recommendations are Registered Nurses who have extensive experience in disability and rehabilitation nursing.

All our clinical nurse consultants are members of the Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses Association. They each have developed an exceptional understanding of the complex medical needs of a person living with a disability in a community setting, and are able to accurately assess the future impact that complications may have on any of the issues covered by our reports.