Bachelor Of Laws – Laws
Ono Academic College
Diploma of Mediation
Ono Academic College 
Certificate IV in Mental Health


Adva Brest

NDIS Support Coordinator

Adva is passionate about social justice and equality. She began her career in Criminal law as a lawyer and she has expertise in dispute resolution and has undertaken Mediation skilled training.

After deciding to pursue further education in Australia, initially studying Business management, Adva discovered that her true passion is advocating for the vulnerable. She specialised in complex family dynamics, particularly family and domestic violence (FDV), while obtaining a Certificate IV in Mental Health.

Adva has gained extensive experience working in Community services, supporting people from all walks of life. As an FDV Advocate she was collaborating with the Victim Support Unit of WA Police and gained a wealth of knowledge about the justice system, which she leveraged to assist clients rebuild their life in the community. Her deep understanding of domestic abuse dynamics and patterns of controlling behaviour drives her commitment to people’s right to safety and autonomy.

In 2018, Adva was one of the first support coordinators selected to bring the ‘Parents Next’ program into motion through Atwork. As a mother of two young boys, she strongly felt the need to address the struggles of working parents, dedicating her efforts to increasing their opportunities to re-entre the workforce while setting educational and employment goals.

Adva’s next role was as an Employability Skills Trainer. Here, she coached young minds, preparing them for financial independence and assisted with achieving employment and personal goals. Adva trained them on how to identify barriers through reflection, then build resilience to overcome them. This role developed further essential skills that underpin one of the most important philosophies of the NDIS – capacity building in participants.

Adva then worked Western Australian public sector, specifically in the Department of Communities and the Department of Justice. Tasked with case managing all aspects of complex cases, she supported the most vulnerable members of society. She was known for her empathic nature, positivity, and non-judgmental approach.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Adva is a world traveller who enjoys connecting with people from different countries. She enjoys learning about cultures, traditions, and customs and thrives on diversity. Adva proud of having the ability to quickly embrace new perspectives, viewpoints and concepts.

Adva spends her free time with her loved ones. She finds enjoyment in reading, playing tennis and indoor beach volleyball. Adva believes the secret to her happiness lies in cultivating meaningful relationships both personally and professionally.

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