Exercise, sport, leisure activities and mindfulness are an important part of everyday wellbeing, but particularly so after an injury or when you have a chronic illness or disability.

Enjoying what you do for exercise and wellbeing is essential to a sustainable fitness routine.

Lighthouse Health Group’s physiotherapy practice focuses on Capacity Building with the person, their informal supports as well as service providers. 

Our Physiotherapy services include:

  • Maximising an individual’s mobility
  • Linking in with local gyms, pools and recreation settings
  • Developing and reviewing individual home exercise programs, including staff training
  • Prescription of assistive technology (mobility aids)

Lighthouse Health Group’s physiotherapists work with the individual to increase physical engagement in daily living tasks and all different kinds of community leisure and sporting activities

Our physiotherapists focus on holistic assessment and treatment recommendations leading to individual practical strategies to implement physical improvements. 

We want to see individuals re-engage with their community to reduce isolation and increase enjoyment that is associated with exercise and other activities that promote wellbeing such as yoga and meditation.


Why not chat with us and see if we can assist you or answer any of your questions about Lighthouse Health Group’s Physiotherapy services*

*This service available only in Perth