Occupational Therapy

for Adults and Children

Lighthouse Health Group provides a full range of Occupational Therapy Services to children and adults throughout the lifespan, and has significant experience supporting people with the challenges of aging with disabilities in the community.

We specialise in providing evidence based, home and centre based clinical services that are family centred and culturally inclusive.  

Lighthouse Health Group is a small boutique provider who employs experienced occupational therapists that work within their own areas of specialty.

We offer the benefits of working with a small well established team and an organisation who is also NDIS registered.

Lighthouse Health Group’s occupational therapists can offer:

  • Occupational Therapy Assessments
  • Occupational Therapy Functional Assessments (required by NDIS)
  • Home Modification assessment and recommendations for Complex and Simple modifications (NDIS accredited)
  • NDIS Supported Disability Accommodation assessments (SDA) and Supported Independent Living assessments (SIL)
  • Paediatric/Adolescent assessment and clinical therapy services
  • Adult occupational clinical therapy services
  • Simple adaptive aids and complex equipment prescription
  • Assistive Technology assessment and recommendations
  • WeeFIM and FIM accredited
  • Assessment and recommendations for a full range of simple and complex assistive technology
Why not chat with us and see if we can assist you or answer any of your questions about Lighthouse Health Group’s Occupational Therapy Services