Support Coordination

What is Support Coordination? 

Many people are unsure as to what Support Coordination is and why it might be included in an NDIS plan.

Support Coordination is included in NDIS plans to enhance your ability to manage and direct your own services.  

Support Coordination will assist to connect you with other services that you may have funding allocated in your plan for such as a recovery coach, an occupational therapist, an exercise physiologist, a swim coach or a yoga teacher.  

Support Coordination provides the flexibility to help you find the community, employment or accommodation options that are right for you.

Benefits of Support Coordination

  • Guiding you through the NDIS process

  • Assist you to make sense of your NDIS plan budget

  • Working together to identify goals or assisting to break goals down into smaller more manageable steps

  • Assist you to select the best services to meet your needs

  • Assisting with managing a budget for each type of support and negotiating prices and service agreements

  • Offering support during an NDIS plan review

  • Assisting with Housing Pathways

  • Being there for you in times of crisis

Ultimately the goal of Support Coordination is to progress you to be able to manage your NDIS plan independently. 

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