I work alongside Kelly Leggett in managing 3 complex claims, which I am sure you are aware of the intricate and demanding nature of these claims. These claimants necessitate meticulous attention to detail, unwavering empathy, and a deep understanding of their very unique needs.

I want to take a moment to express my profound appreciation for Kelly’s tireless efforts. Her compassionate approach resonates with our claimants, who consistently express their gratitude. Kelly’s responsiveness, empathy, and collaborative spirit have made working alongside her a true pleasure. Her expertise in managing these complex claims is evident, and I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with her.

Georgia R QBE

As a litigator for more than 40 years, I can state with certainty that one of the hardest things I encounter is finding great people to work with who are smart, passionate and truly support the litigation and trial effort I undertake for my clients. When you find someone who ” fits the bill”, you never want to let them go. They become part of the integral team that you, your clients and your career depend on with confidence. I’ ve been fortunate to have the same court reporter for more than 30 years, and the same courtroom video and graphics people for years.

I am happy to be able to say that Jane Burns and the Lighthouse Health Group in Sydney, Australia, have been a tremendous part of that support team the past 5 years. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jane and Lighthouse in connection with a large dispute involving a client who suffered a major traumatic brain injury. They have provided case management services for my clients, and prepared the life care plan that I have relied upon. Even my opposing counsel commented that it was the best life care plan he ever had seen prepared. It was a tremendous piece of work that reflected the high standard of quality to which I try to adhere.  Jane is the type of person who will labor over something to make sure it is perfect, not only because her name is on it, but because there is only one way to do something and that is the right way. Her colleagues share her passion for thoroughness and quality.

More importantly, Lighthouse has provided invaluable case management and related services to my clients. It makes the lives of my clients so much easier. The passion and enthusiasm of Lighthouse is palpable and greatly appreciated.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jane Burns and Lighthouse Health Group should you have a case or a matter that calls for their area of expertise, and where quality work is a necessity and not just lip service.

S. Jereme Mandel
Mandel & Norwood
Attorneys at Law

17th December 2010 at 3am, our lives changed dramatically when my partner of 13 years was involved in an accident in Bangkok.  Scott was left with a severe traumatic brain injury and has post traumatic seizures.

The shock of what had happened and how our lives had changed so dramatically was more than enough to try and cope with.  Our brilliant lawyer/friend researched the very best organisation possible to help us, as it was obvious we were in for a massive battle.  Lighthouse Health Group was THE best.
We met Jane and the dedicated team at LHG and they have professionally and compassionately guided us through days when we have both hit rock bottom. And unfortunately, there have been many.

The ‘world of brain injury’ was a complete unknown world to us.   Add on dealing with vicious insurance companies, their lawyers, rehabilitation facilities, outpatient rehabilitation, ongoing care, gaining medical approvals for rehabilitation plans, amongst the plethora of additional medical scenarios which appear unexpectedly.  To say that our lives were incredibly overwhelming and unpredictable feels like an understatement.  LHG helped us through all facets of this difficult process and constantly battled on our behalf which allowed Scott and I to focus our time and energy on ‘us’.

Not only did LHG help Scott, they gave me much needed advice and strategies on being a full time caregiver.  I’m getting teary writing about this.  Jane and Lindy have helped me through a few breakdowns.  I didn’t even know I had them. I do not know what would have happened without their constant support and guidance. I guarantee, LHG is the team you want advocating for you and your loved ones. I whole heartedly believe Scott would not be doing as well as he is today without LHGs dedication to ensuring Scott had everything he needed to ensure the best recovery possible.

Jane compiled the most thorough Life Care Plan imaginable.  This was so detailed and certainly assisted us when required.  The attention to detail is remarkable.

Thank you Jane and the LHG team for advocating for Scott.  And thank you for looking after me.  I can honestly say both Scott and I would not be at a place we are now without your ongoing support. You will forever have a special place in our hearts.


I was hospitalised after a heart attack and the doctors thought I could not manage at home on my own anymore. They wanted me to go into care, but that is not what I wanted. I was also very worried about my cat Madeleine as she is 17 years old now and she means a lot to me. The people at NAB got in contact with a case manager who helped me to set up some services that came to my home. That way I could be at home with someone keeping an eye on me, help me with the housework and making some meals. The case manager helped me get all this sorted and I was very grateful for that help as I didn’t really know what I needed or how to find good services.. I even got back to doing my volunteer work, which keeps me connected with my community.

I think it is terribly important to be allowed to make the choice to stay at home if you want to and my bank listened to me and got me the help I needed. Having a case manager available when I need it is good too, as I know I can call someone if I get a bit muddled.

Sheila M

Can you please pass on our thanks to Jane, Lindy and Elizabeth. The LHG report was instrumental in us getting the award ($12M) . It was, by far, a much more detailed and reasoned assessment than your competition.

The family has asked that we pass on their thanks for your help in the matter

Matthew Bridger
Director – Litigation | elringtons lawyers

On the 18 th September 2015 our lives changed for ever when a Doctor’s negligence resulted in our then 14 year old son Kieran suffering a global hypoxic brain injury. He was not expected to survive. Not only has he defied the odds, he continues to improve in every way and while severely disabled, he enjoys a reasonable quality of life.

Over the last 3 years Kieran has had endless Assessments for medical and legal reason’s. There have been Doctor’s, OT’s and even Rehab Professor’s who tried to give an assessment of what the future held for Kieran. We can safely say that it was only on Kieran being assessed by Jane Burns did we feel someone fully understood what lay ahead for him and us. Jane not only displayed extensive knowledge and experience but empathy and concern for Kieran and our situation.

We are forever grateful to Jane and the Lighthouse Health Group for the wonderful help and support they gave us in our darkest hours and unreservedly recommend them to anyone in need of professional and caring support.

Micheal and Suzanne

Five years is a long time. It was 15 years ago when our world fell apart.

Five years ago my 2 daughters Jess (7 yrs) and Ash (3 yrs) were rear seat passengers in a MVA which claimed the life of their mother and rendered them both disabled. Jess an incomplete quad and Ash a C7/T1 paraplegic. It was the beginning of an enormous, daunting and difficult journey that would continue for the rest of our lives. During that journey so far we have encountered many stumbling blocks and frequent challenging and frightening situations.

We are however doing quite well I think! This is in no small way thanks to the Lighthouse Health Group. The superbly efficient and compassionate staff at Lighthouse took me, a widowed farmer with 2 severely disabled daughters by the hand and led me along the road we needed to travel, avoiding the pitfalls and scaling the obstacles with patience and unwavering support.

From the intense pre-settlement battles with the insurance company to the post-settlement adjustments and life planning Lighthouse has fought the fight with us and provided the light where, for a long time, there was only darkness. That partnership was forged in 2001during some of our darkest days, and remains today. One of the many reasons is that the staff at Lighthouse are familiar to us. This is because, for the most part, they are the staff we began with. My girls have lost enough in their short lives so it is very important to me (and them) that the relationships and friendships they form are long term ones. This was and still is very important to me and them as well.

Lighthouse is a cost effective, professional and extremely experienced company who will explain in a language that you will understand what you need and how to go about getting it. Lighthouse will support your rights as a valued member of society and they will effectively use their experience and expert knowledge to help you to make that a reality. 

Aptly named, Lighthouse Health Group really is a beacon in the darkness.

Phil P

I just got off the phone with Angela at Turner Freeman Lawyers who has said that our report on JL is the “most though and comprehensive report regarding nursing care and allied health I have ever seen, thank you very much and well done!”